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Legilimency Permissions Post

Dear wonderful role player,

Tom Marvolo Riddle is a Legilimens. This means he is able to detect lies with very little effort and he can access every thought, image, and memory that crosses a person's mind while his attention is on them. He utilizes this ability as often as he can, despite it being considered "bad manners". It does not require much effort on his part, and with the constant use, it has become second nature to him. This subtle technique and use of Legilimency looks at the surface thoughts of a person, while leaving the person themselves oblivious to their mind being read. There's more to Legilimency as a whole, but this particular technique is the one Tom uses most often. (When it comes to using the others, Tom is able to do them, but they aren't utilized nearly as much, and I'll most likely talk it over with the other mun before he uses them.)

Of course, if the person is an Occlumens, is trained in another form of mental defense, or is simply like a one Bella Swan, Tom will not be able to access the person's mind, even for surface thoughts.

This post is for you to let me know who, or what, Tom does or doesn't have access to. If you don't put it on this post, I'll either go ahead and assume it's fair game, or try to play the muse as if it could go either way (although that isn't the easiest of things to do). I have no wish to become a metagamer, merely to stay true to Tom's character and play him as accurately as I can, which happens to include reading the minds of whoever he lays eyes on just because he can. Not the most polite thing to do, yes, but this is Lord Voldemort we're talking about.

And if you have any questions, feel free to ask. If you have any comments, feel free to leave them. Despite playing the Dark Lord, I'm a rather easy-going person. Any thoughts you might have are welcome. ♥

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Well, about Erzi in their thread, what he is going to find is that what she wants to tell Luci is that she already sent the owl to her mother (about what? She'll let him without an explanation) and is waiting for an answer. And she's probably thinking about her father, (who happens to be a certain Igor Karkaroff), who's in Azkaban right now.
Okay, cool. I should mention that I don't always say outright when he utilizes this ability (because he does so quite often and most of the time it doesn't affect much right off the bat), so I'm assuming she doesn't have much, if any, training in Occlumency? If she does, when does she utilize it?
Her mum, who's a fairly skilled Occlumens, tried to train her, but her Occlumency skills are pretty lacking. She'll only try to use them if she finds herself in a desperate situation and she knows Legilimency is being used. Probably without results.
Okay. :) Thanks for letting me know.
Merlin has no training in Occlumency (obviously, since that's not canon to his world) and is still a very young wizard in training without any proper teacher. So I'm willing to play along and say that Tom can successfully take a peek or five into his thoughts. :)

However, since he is Merlin and canonically in the show, the nature of his particular magic is powerful enough to mess with things, I would suggest that although Tom can read Merlin's thoughts, it might be akin to hearing a language that he's not entirely fluent in. He'll be able to get the gist, but he might find details more frustrating. Does that sound okay?
Awesome! That sounds good to me. :)
Do you need info about what's going on with Merlin and Morgana, or do you watch the series?
I'd like some info, if you don't mind.
Last season (about a year ago), Morgana's sister Morgause used Morgana as the locus of a curse that was destroying Camelot, and even though Morgana wasn't explicitly aware of what her sister was doing, Merlin had to poison her in order to make the havoc stop. Morgause exchanged Camelot for the antidote to the poison, essentially, and after they traded, she spirited Morgana away with her to safety. Morgana knew that Merlin had poisoned her, as well.

For the past year, Uther has been constantly sending out search parties and Arthur (with Merlin in tow) has been at the head of them, while Merlin never really expected to find Morgana, and wasn't sure that he wanted them to. But one day they were traipsing on through a battlefield strewn with knights and soldiers of Camelot, and in the nearby forest they were attacked. When the smoke cleared, they found Morgana.

Everyone welcomed her back with tears and open arms, and Morgana even spoke with Merlin privately and forgave him for what she knew he had to do, assuring him that she'd seen the dangers out there and would be wiser now. But when Uther started getting sick -- or rather, going mad -- Merlin did his usual snooping around, and found the mandrake root that Morgana had planted underneath Uther's bed to cause his fears to come to life in his mind. He followed her into the forest, where he was ambushed by Morgana and Morgause, and chained and left for dead at the mercy of the Serkets (ie. giant scorpions). He was badly injured, but summoned Kilgarrah (the Great Dragon) just in time, and Kilgarrah carried him away.

.../tl;dr This is, of course, more information than you probably want/need, but that is the situation between Morgana and Merlin right now. Each has been betrayed by the other, and now Morgana is knowingly turning to the darkside, as far as Merlin is concerned. All this, when it's his job to protect Camelot and Arthur. :( (Morgana, however, still does not know that Merlin has any magical powers at all. Neither does Morgause.)